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Order Confirmation:

Q:     1. What are the ordering procedures if we confirm to place order to YIYUN?


A:     Below order confirmation procedures are involved after clients confirmed to place order:

1.       Clients should provide all order details clearly, e.g. logo design, logo position on garment, logo color, method of making logo (like screen print) and logo size, also with order quantity, and its size selection among. uniform-standard staff will let you know what information is necessary to provide in ordering.


2.       PI (Proforma Invoice) will be issued by uniform-standard when all the order details are confirmed; we will send this invoice to clients for final confirmation.


3.       When clients confirm the invoice, 50% deposit should be made before production process start.


4.       If clients settle deposit through ATM or bank transfer in bank directly, receipt should be retained and email to us for notifying the deposit payment. Also, clients must contact us directly by phone to confirm the payment settlement so that we can start production. It is very important as it avoids the delay in production if we cannot receive the receipt by email.


5.       Every order has its invoice number (e.g. P100416S1F). Once production starts, clients can quote this invoice number to check production status, delivery arrangement. This invoice is unique for every order, so it will facilitate the checking if this invoice number is provided</< SPAN>.


Q:     2. When we can receive the invoice after we confirm the order?


A:     We will email invoice to customers within 24 hours when we received all the order details in normal cases, several reasons involved if you cannot receive the email:


a)       Order details are incomplete (e.g. Logo color, size specification, location of logo on garment, size, etc)


b)       Incorrect email address is given when placing order. So, please make sure email address provided is correct.


c)       If your email provided is from some free email domains (e.g. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn, etc), please check if our reply is sent to your junk mail box, as email system for these domains will direct emails with attachment to junk mail box


d)       Error for email system. You may not receive our email if server problem found in Internet services provides.


Please directly contact us by phone if you cannot receive our invoice, esp. when your order is urgent.


Q:     3.Once deposit is settled and confirmed to start the production, can clients make any changes (e.g. size allocation, color, logo design, etc)?


A:   Once deposit is settled and clients confirmed to start the production, we will notice factory to start production and order details cannot be changed. Besides, for some urgent orders, we will notice factory to start the production once clients confirmed the order even deposit is not settled, so order details cannot be changed after clients confirmed invoice. If changes must be made, we need to check with factory about the production status, and discuss with factory if it is feasible to make the changes before we reply to customers.


Q:     4.Once the order is proceeded in factory, how can we know the production status?


A:   The production procedure will be as below after factory received the confirmed order:


1.       Logo sampling and then take photo and email to clients for approval. Photo taking may visualize the logo color differently when we see the actual logo sample.


2.       Arrange bulk production once the logo is approved and notify customers about the delivery dates once goods is delivered to our HK office.


3.       Order balance payment should be settled before delivery.


4.       Production lead time is longer if clients request garment sample approval (sample fee maybe involved), it is because mass production can be started only when the garment sample is fully made and is approved by clients. Sample fee will be involved for making each sample, and maybe be refundable even bulk order is confirmed (e.g.mold fee for Heat Transfer Print). Clients can check with uniform-standard for more details.